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  • iPod to computer copy 2.3

    Transfer songs/photos from ipod to computer.iPod to PC Transfer is an ultimate application for transferring songs/photos from an iPod to a Windows
  • iPod Computer Copy Expert 3.1.3

    Make your music safe and get complete control of your iPod. iCopyExpert can copy music and video from iPod to any folder on your computer within
  • Copy Entire USB Flash Disk Drive To and From Computer Software 7.0

    This software enables you to copy the contents of your thumb drive to your computer as well as you can copy folders and files to your thumb
  • Easy Computer Sync 1.0

    Easy Computer Sync lets you quickly and easily synchronize data between two computers using a USB 2.0 Easy Transfer Cable. Designed specifically
  • Easy Computer Control 1.01

    Launch the specified programs by positive list.You can disbale launch for all undesirable
  • Easy iPhone/iTunes/Computer transfer 2.5

    Easy iPhone/iTunes/Computer transfer is an advanced application designed to copy your iPhone / iPad / iTouch files to your computer. If your computer
  • Easy DVD Copy 3.5.3

    Easy DVD copy is a powerful and efficient tool which enables you to make a backup copy of a DVD movies that you own. You can not only copy DVD movie
  • Easy CD DVD Copy 1.2.14

    You can use feature rich software Easy CD DVD Copy for copying your CD/DVD collection to blank discs and to ISO files. It can also be used for
  • E.M. Easy DVD Copy 2.0

    E.M. Easy DVD Copy Easy DVD-Video Copy is easy-to-use DVD cloning software to get perfect duplicates of your favorite movies on DVD or Hard
  • Easy-Copy 1.0

    Photocopier program that copies any documents Would you like to make your printer and scanner more useful? Then this program is the right one for
  • DVD Easy Copy 1.1

    All the software you need to COPY your own DVD Movies is included in DVD Easy Copy! With detailed, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, you
  • Easy DVD-Video Copy 3.0.35

    Make perfect copies of your favorite DVDs! Easy DVD-Video Copy is an easy-to-use DVD cloning software to get perfect duplicates of your favorite
  • Free Easy DVD Copy 4.3.1

    For you to store the movies from DVD disc on PC or laptop, Free Easy DVD Copy supports copying DVD to video formats, which cover all popular ones,
  • Computer Dictionary Basic Computer Terms 1.0

    You can get the simple explanation about RAM as well as memory and hard drive by using inclusive software Computer Dictionary Basic Computer Terms.
  • Computer Dictionary Computer Terminology 1.0

    Computer Dictionary: What is an Operating System or OS. This computer terminology explained in plain English in this simple video computer lesson you
  • DVD Copy Pro - Copy DVDs 4.2

    DVD Copy Pro DVD Copy Pro includes simple-to-use software and step-by-step visual lessons that will show even a beginner computer user how to
  • What's On My Computer 1.0

    What's this program that you've just downloaded from the Internet? Is it a virus? Is it legitimate software? Is it safe? Where can you find more
  • ID Computer Spy 1.2

    ID Computer Spy is a handy utility specifically designed for automatic Internet and PC surveillance. Combining these two powerful features, it
  • Spy Computer

    you can monitor home and office level users with Spy computer software because; it secretly examines clipboard actions, text files etc. it creates
  • Computer Spy 11.02.01

    Employee Desktop Live Viewer is the professional computer spy software, which helps organization to increase ROI. The software helps organization to
  • What's my computer doing 1.04

    «What`s my computer doing» is a small yet powerful free utility that will give you exhaustive information about all the process running in your
  • Computer MOT 1.3

    Computer MOT takes advantage of the excellent tools that are out their (Spybot and CCleaner) and of many of the built in Windows tools. Computer MOT
  • Computer Name 1.0

    Computer Name is a useful application that quickly displays the name of your computer just by One Click. It can used by anybody ranging from savvy
  • My Computer Name

    Place in all of your computer users All User Start Menu to make your Local I.T. support calls easier. When they call you Just have them click the
  • My Computer Pro -

    With this program you can save files hidden and password protected and access them directly from MyComputer Pro. You can also open files with double
  • Computer Lock Up 2.0

    Make sure your data is secure! Computer Lock Up provides you with a powerful tool to lock your PC when leaving it and prevent any unauthorized access.
  • Computer Admin Pro 5.09

    Computer Admin is a powerful and easy-to-use asset management and help desk tracking software. Asset Management: Consolidate your computer hardware
  • Optimize Computer 1.2

    if you want to keep your computer running like new then use Optimize Computer because it keeps your PC running faster, cleaner, and error free. It is
  • Computer Security 1.5

    Security should be a very important and concerning issue in you every day activity. No matter you are part of a company or a home user, it is very
  • Non toccare il mio computer! 1.0.0

    Scopri da solo questo screen saver "Non toccare il mio computer!" che avvisera' i malintenzionati quando sarai lontani dal tuo
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  • iPod Rip 5.8

    iPod Rip is a smart, powerful and professional tool that helps you easily and quickly copy all your data from iPod to PC.Main features:- copy music from iPod to PC. - copy movies from iPod to computer.- copy TV Shows
  • RZ DVD COPY Express 1.10

    With RZ DVD copy, you can easy making DVD Copies, it is fast and easy to use. Designed to copy and burn your DVDs without any limit. Without any special setting, all DVD copy restrictions will be auto removed in the
  • Longo Mac DVD Copy 1.2.0

    Longo Mac DVD copy is a very smart DVD copy Software for Mac Os. It can copy DVDs to computer hard drive, and also can burn DVDs to blank discs easily. Longo Mac DVD copy can remove all copy protections of DVDs itself,
  • DVD Ripper Copy Pro

    DVD Ripper copy Pro is the easiEST way to copy DVD's. With DVD Ripper copy Pro You Can: copy DVD's to CDR and watch them on your DVD Player. copy DVD's to your computer and watch them on your computer.Make instant
  • Senuti iPod Rip

    iPod computer PC is a tool that transfers music from iPod to PC. You'll need iPod to PC if you wanna copy form iPod to computer, or a new laptop computer, or copy music form ipod to PC which you just bought. Key
  • Avid DVD Copy 1.26

    copy DVD to DVD and computer, burn DVD folder to disc DVDs can become scratched, damaged and even completely unusable over time. With Avid DVD copy, you can easily and quickly backup your favorite DVDs. Avid DVD
  • RZ DVD COPY 3.12

    RZ DVD copy 3.12 is a professional and powerful yet affordable tool which provides the total solution of making DVD Copies with just one click, it is the powerful, flexible, stability, fast and easy to use. Designed to
  • Ideal Blu-ray Copy 5.0.0

    Ideal Blu-ray copy helps you copy any copy protected blu ray disc to computer hard drive as ISO file or BDMV folder with original quality, also can burn bluray movie to blank BD disc directly. Support "Entire disc" and
  • Ideal Bluray Copy 5.0.0

    Ideal Blu-ray copy helps you copy any copy protected blu ray disc to computer hard drive as ISO file or BDMV folder with original quality, also can burn bluray Movie to blank BD disc directly. Support "Entire disc" and
  • Fast DVD COPY 3.12.19

    Fast DVD copy, copy DVD to blank DVD discs or computer hard disk without any limit, support copy full content(include dvd menu, Subtitles, etc.), copy main Movie(the longest movie title), Clone DVD in 1:1 ratio, etc.
  • Easy iPhone/iTunes/Computer transfer 2.5

    easy iPhone/iTunes/computer transfer is an advanced application designed to copy your iPhone / iPad / iTouch files to your computer. If your computer crashed, or want to share your wonderful music/movie with your
  • Beyond Share 1.3.7

    copy & paste complex tables, sheets, image...etc, without losing original format; Drag & drop files and folders from one computer to another. * Need to copy a MS Word table or an Excel sheet to another computer?
  • Aura DVD Copy 1.3.3

    Backup your DVDs with Aura DVD copy software DVDs can become scratched, damaged and even completely unusable over time. With Aura DVD copy, you can easily and quickly backup your favorite DVDs. Aura DVD cloner
  • 4Videosoft DVD Copy 3.2.72

    4Videosoft DVD copy is able to copy DVD movies freely. You can copy DVD movies to DVD disc, DVD folder and DVD ISO files on computer without limitation. It provides you with three copy modes: Full copy, Main movie and
  • Longo Blu-ray Copy 2.20

    Longo blu-ray copy can copy any copy protected blu-ray moives to computer hard drive as ISO file or BDMV folder, also burn blu-ray movies, blu-ray ISO files to blank blu-ray disc with original quality fastly. So you
  • Wondershare DVD Copy for Mac

    If you are a Mac user, Wondershare DVD copy for Mac will help you to copy D5 and D9 DVD movies, with ability to copy from one format to another. The program will remove different types of DVD protection while retaining
  • Suvis Global Clipboard 0.3

    GCB - Global Clipboard lets you easily copy&paste from one computer to another. Simply copy something into GCB at one computer and Paste It out GCB at another computer. Synchronisation of GCB is done automatically by
  • Music Liberator 10.2 Release 1

    The Music Liberator helps you copy music from your iPod to any computer. You see, iTunes only allows for a one way transfer of music from your computer to your iPod. But what if you want to move music to another
  • iOrgSoft DVD Copy 1.6

    iOrgSoft DVD copy is an easy and practical DVD movie backup software! It enables you to copy DVD movie to ISO image file or DVD folder. It is the best solution to copy protected DVD to computer, removing the
  • PCiPod Pro 1.7

    PC iPod provides a fast and easy way to transfer music and video files between your computer and iPod / iPhone. With this program you can choose the easy way to copy your music and movies from computer to iPod/iPhone
  • Quick Image Transfer 1.0

    easy way to copy pictures off your camera to your favorite storage place on your computer, one click to copy into custom
  • PicsAid 1.32

    PicsAid is a straight-forward application that will allow you to retrieve all the pictures that were synced with iTunes. In the event of a computer crash or simply in order to freely share pictures, PicsAid will allow to
  • iRepo 5.0

    iRepo is a very easy to use iPod utility to recover songs off iPods. You simply connect your iPod and iRepo will show you all the songs that are on the iPod. You can then easily select which songs you want to transfer
  • 4Easysoft iPhone Transfer SMS 1.3.32

    4easysoft iPhone Transfer SMS is the specially designed iPhone SMS Transfer for you to copy and backup iPhone SMS to local disk to avoid the missing of your valuable messages or the full message box rejecting to accept
  • Pen Drive Virus Protector -

    Q. How to virus comes into your Pen drive? A. When you insert pen drive into an infected computer, then virus will automatically copy itself into pen drive from infected computer. This process is done at the loading
  • Absolute DVD Copy 2.12

    Absolute DVD copy is a powerful tool to copy your DVD collection to DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW. You are not only able to copy your DVD collection to blank DVD discs, but also copy DVDs to hard disk folders for editing or
  • iBestsoft DVD Copy for Mac 1.5.21

    copy DVD on Mac OS X with the original quality. iSkysoft DVD copy for Mac is a powerful Mac DVD copy software that can copy D9 and D5 DVD movies. It can even remove DVD protections such as CSS, RC and RCE and lets you
  • iPod Copy Pack Tool 2.0.3

    iPod copy Pack - copy songs/videos/photos from iPod to computer. iPod copy Pack is a life saver when - Sending your iPod for repair - Backup songs/videos/photos to a new PC - Moving to a new iPod - computer crashed -
  • One-click CD/DVD Copy 1.12

    Want to clone a DVD movie, audio CD or any other disc you have? Imagine that you can do this in one simple click without even running any application! One-click CD/DVD copy is a new no-frills disk copier that can clone
  • iPhone Copy Pack Tool 2.1.3

    iPhone copy Pack - copy songs/videos/photos from iPhone to computer. Tansee iPhone copy Pack is a life saver when - Sending your iPhone for repair - Backup songs/videos/photos to a new PC - Moving to a new iPhone -