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  • Arabic School Software 1.0

    Arabic School Software is a simple application that is very easy to use. However, do not mistake this to mean that it is not effective. What it does is to assist you learn the Arabic language pretty quickly even if you
  • Grade Tracker Pro 3.5

    If you would like to be more effective while you save time, all you need is Grade Tracker Pro. The program will give you a simple way of analyzing how your students are performing, and share necessary details with them
  • ZIP Password Recovery 5.20

    ZIP Password recovery 5.0 is an easy and effective utility, designed to recover lost or forgotten passwords for ZIP/PKZip/WinZip archives. The program supports the customizable brute-force attack, effectively optimized
  • The Silent Partner for Windows 3.16

    The Silent Partner donor management software is a user-friendly tool that works behind the scenes, assisting your organization in raising the funds you need to further your vision and mission. easy and fun to use, this
  • Visual WinHelp 3.0

    Visual WinHelp is a fast, effective way to create WinHelp documentation. Supporting the features you need to create professional-quality projects, Visual WinHelp is an effective solution for programmers, and others who
  • All-Business-Letters

    Anyone who has ever had to write any business letter and correspondence will find All-Business-Letters the single most effective tool for producing effective business letters. 4500 high-quality and effective business
  • Amazing Visio for Microsoft Visio 3.0

    Amazing Visio (Version 3.0) is Now a tool set with these tools to add true power to your Visio drawings: easy Publish: To easily and effectively publish your drawings offline (such as to Word and PowerPoint) and
  • DirectPayACH

    DirectPay ACH is a simple and effective Windows application that creates ACH files from your Excel, CSV and user-defined text files. These ACH files (commonly known as "direct deposit" or "direct debit") are a series of
  • Setup Builder 6.07.006

    Setup Builder is the powerful, reliable, easy to use and cost effective solution for creating comprehensive, professional looking application installation procedures in a cost effective manner. Fully automated with
  • Portion Control Calculator 1.0

    Portion Control Calculator has a friendly interface that gives you the way of calculating efficiently the costs of food portions. In order to give the user and cost effective report on used resources and cost effective
  • eZine Assistant

    It's common knowledge that running an email newsletter is one of the most effective tools (if not the most effective tool) for marketing on the Internet. I wondered sometime back why most people don't do it. Formatting
  • Laptop FAT Partition Recovery Tool

    Recovering file with different other software was easy but not that much effective as 'Laptop FAT Partition Recovery Tool' made it easy and effective now. Sometimes we lose our favorite or important data which has

    A simple yet effective keyword rank checker. A simple yet effective keyword rank checker. RANKIT is a small and easy to use program that can help you check the search engine rankings of your site. RANKIT works with
  • AEC Buildings 2009 1.0

    Contracting companies and investors have raised their benchmarks regarding time, value for engineering hours and cost effective construction. To meet these demands they need an automation manager. AEC Buildings 2009 is
  • All-Business-Letters 2009 4.5

    The single most effective tool for producing effective business letters is All-Business-Letters program because; it has a broad library for the samples of business letter. It includes more then 4500 high-quality and
  • Kofax e-Transactions

    Kofax e-Transactions is an add-on application for Kofax Transformation Modules that automates the electronic delivery of documents to a business process via secure email, removing the need for printing, mailing, scanning
  • Web Stats Monster 2.01

    Easily see which web pages are working well for you and which ones are not. You will discover where and how they are pulling traffic. Improve your keyword optimization efforts by seeing which keywords are effective in
  • Thredgeholder 1.0

    The Thredgeholder plugin is the little brother to Thredgeholder Pro, providing edge detection that's simple to use but highly effective. Allow you to set the Threshold and brightness levels for more effective edge
  • Setup Compiler Software

    Setup generator tool is an easy, safe and cost-effective software installation setup package maker. How to generate complete professional look installer program for your software in just few mouse clicks? Don`t Worry!
  • Unscrambler Online 2.1

    The Unscrambler software developed Unscrambler Online that is designed for end-users across industry verticals to make effective on-line predictions and classifications. You can also use it for full utilization of
  • Fiber Navigator -

    This project is dedicated to the development of fast and versatile visualization of results of deterministic tractography, including effective selection of fibres, to the effective visualization of probabilistic
  • Warehouse Management System 1.0

    IntelliTrack® WMS software is affordable, and easy to install. The system is feature rich with an intuitive user interface. WMS comes in three cost effective versions that maximize efficiency and optimize labor
  • asbSuperACL 2.6

    SuperACL is a program to display the current effective user rights on files and directories in Windows NT and 2000. In addition to the current directory the access rights of subdirectories and files
  • Guide to School For Troubled Teens 1.00

    effective communication can help you & yours Open, effective communication benefits not only the children, but every member of the family. Relationships between parents and with their children are greatly improved
  • Spanner 2.03

    General Information Quantrix Spanner can Span large files into lots of smaller chunks. Specify how large each chunk is going to be, or specify how many chunks to make, click the mouse button a few times, select a file,
  • Starcraft 2 Map - Fort Condor 1.0

    Melee map, 1v1, 2v2, or FFA play. You have an easy to defend natural and third, and there are two gold expansions in the middle of the map. High ledges make turtling easy and effective, but also open possibilities of
  • PC2SMS 1.0.0

    SMS marketing is the most effective, reliable and cost effective way of marketing. Fast and excellent way of marketing by using latest technology is not only the demand of time but also helps to increase sales. Because
  • MySQL to MSSQL DB Converter

    MySQL to MSSQL DB Converter is an intelligent and effective solution for converting files, which can support your work in its own ways. It is one of the most cost effective tools available in market these days
  • DocketPORT 687 1.2.1001

    The DocketPORT?? 687 is an A6 format (4.2" pathway) portable duplex scanner that scans in black and white, gray-scale, color, and up to 600 DPI resolution.With its lightweight design and easy one-cable notebook or
  • Crawford College North Coast 1.0

    Crawford College North Coast is an easy-to-use tool that pushes information directly to parents. It's simple, it's immediate and it's cost-effective. and it requires almost no effort on the part of parents. Benefits : -